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Class of 2012

Luca Belli

Bio [2012]

Luca Belli started his mathematical studies in Rome, where he got his bachelor's and master's degrees from "La Sapienza" university. Currently he is finishing his PhD in mathematics at "Tor Vergata" university.

During his studies he visited the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and IMPA in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Even though his studies mainly concern pure and continuous mathematics, in the last couple of years he grew an interest for more practical and applied mathematics.

Project Title

Autocompletion in Mathematica


Nowadays we are used to systems with the autocomplete feature; when such a feature is enabled, the system gives the user suggestions that should match the user's desire. It is now interesting to try to do the same when typing in Mathematica. Can the program give suggestions to the user and guess what the user is going to write inside a formula? Which functions are coming together often? To solve this problem, I am going to use the entries of the help center of Mathematica in order to understand how often some functions are typed together. More or less, this is like learning the grammar of a foreign language by looking to an huge corpus of books.

Favorite Four-Color, Four-State Turing Machine

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