From the Book:

The complete book in online format

Browsable Index
Enhanced book index in web-browsable form

Programs from the Book
Wolfram Language source programs from the notes to the book

Some Historical Notes
Some historical notes of general interest from the book

People Referenced
People in the book index, together with basic biographical data

Images from the Back Jacket
A key to the array of images on the back jacket of the book

Ongoing Activities:

The NKS Forum
The official discussion forum for the NKS community

NKS Conference
A unique opportunity to connect with leaders in the NKS community

Wolfram Summer School
Original research at the frontiers of science

Current Bibliography
Listing of scholarly works referring to A New Kind of Science

Open Problems & Projects
First installment of key NKS problems from Stephen Wolfram

Background and Additional Material:

Quick Takes
Quick Takes on Some Ideas and Discoveries in A New Kind of Science

Cellular Automaton Summary
A one-page summary of the core of Chapter 2: The Crucial Experiment

Cellular Automaton Images
The most-requested basic images of cellular automata

Cellular Automata in the Wolfram Language
Information on the CellularAutomaton function in the Wolfram Language

Color NKS Images
A selection of color images related to NKS

Publications by Stephen Wolfram
Full text of many publications by Stephen Wolfram

A Sampling of Lectures and Speeches
Transcripts of a select set of talks given by Stephen Wolfram

Wolfram's Library
Books in Stephen Wolfram's library relevant to NKS

The Stephen Wolfram Website
Stephen Wolfram's official website

Historical Archive:

Archived Media Coverage of NKS
Worldwide media coverage of A New Kind of Science

A New Kind of Science Appearances by Stephen Wolfram
Schedule of future and past appearances by Dr. Wolfram

NKS Anniversary Messages from Stephen Wolfram
1st year (2003)  |  2nd year (2004)  |  3rd year (2005)  |  5th year (2007)  |  10th Year (2012)

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